amazon-com-logo’s revenues for 2015 was USD107 billion. This is the first time Amazon has breached the USD100 billion mark, continuing the uptrend starting in 2004 with only USD6.92 billion in revenues!



Why is Amazon’s meteoric rise in revenues important to us?

Because the beautiful part of is the fact that we can become a part of Amazon to help it make even more money – and in the process enrich ourselves.

We can do this by helping Amazon sell more products so that it can make more money.

However, Amazon can’t sell everything that its customers would want, on its own. It needs sellers like us to help it fill up its pages with millions and millions of products to sell to hundreds of millions of customers.

Yes, YOU can be an Amazon seller. In fact, ANYBODY can.

All you need to have are the following:

  1. A product that people want to buy
  2. A supplier of that product
  3. An Amazon account
  4. Photos of that product
  5. Description of that product
  6. Price of that product
  7. Some marketing knowledge
  8. That’s about it.

Here’s a fact:

Marketing and selling on is the EASY part. Amazon provides you with all the buyers you could ever want – you just need to know how to tap into Amazon’s 300+ million active buyers that buy things on Amazon every single day.

The HARDEST part is in finding out what a winning product looks like, where to find them and how to brand it as your own.

The “E-Commerce Millions:” program helps you to make the hard part a whole lot easier.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Open an Amazon seller account
  2. Find 3 – 10 Hot Product Ideas
  3. Find 1 – 5 good suppliers for those products
  4. Prepare your first Amazon Product listing
  5. Use a proven and tested system to sell on Amazon to make huge profits
  6. Systematically scale up your business to make even more profits

This program is created by Christopher Lee, a full-time multi-million-dollar Amazon Seller based in Singapore.

Together with his team of trainers, Christopher will provide you with all the knowledge necessary to become a very successful Amazon Seller yourself, no matter where you may be in the world.

Christopher himself has earned over RM10 million+ selling his products on in a recent 18-month period. Currently he’s earning RM700,000/month, or RM23,000/day!

His earnings are increasing everyday as you’re reading this.

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