Get Ready To Change Your Life In Just 6 Hours!

The next Life Changing Party will be held on Sunday 26th June 2016, at Setia City Convention Center, Shah Alam. It starts at 4.00pm and ends at 12.00am.

Ticket price is only RM199 per person (RM210.94 with 6% GST). This includes a sumptuous halal buffet dinner, networking with other like-minded attendees and experiential learning sessions.

* 1 Ticket RM199 (price is subjected to 6% GST)

Terms And Conditions:

1. All ticket purchases are not refundable.
2. If you have bought a ticket but are unable to attend the Life Changing Party this 26th June 2016, you cannot attend a future Life Changing Party as a replacement as we would have already incurred the cost in organising it for you.
3. Tickets are not transferable as the event will be personalised to each attendee.
* I agree to the Terms and Conditions

 This Life Changing Party will be bigger than ever, with even more Xperiences and surprises in store for you. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world – and you will be thoroughly thrilled with what we’ve planned for you.

You will come as the person you want to be 5 years from now. You will come as the future you. You will dress, act and behave as if it’s the year 2020, where all your dreams and desires have already been achieved, where you’re as successful as you want to be.

You will be given LCP10 million to spend as you please, as your “pocket money”. There will be things for you to spend your money on, and opportunities to multiply this amount amongst your fellow “millionaires” that night.

You will get an INSTANT NETWORK of high-achieving individuals, some of whom may be able to help you achieve your future goals. You will dine with them and share your proud accomplishments with them that made a change in other people’s lives in a significant way.

You will laugh your hardest, poignantly reminisce on your humble past, make strategic business deals, connect with people on a deeper level, pat everybody on their backs for their achievements, and more.

The Life Changing Party mimics real life Xperiences, challenges and achievements – but it’ll feel so real that your mind and body will not know the difference.

It’s an exhilarating ride – and you wouldn’t trade it for anything else, because you will wake up the next day a totally new person with nothing that you can’t do.

We’ve heard from those whose life did indeed change after attending it. When you’ve attended one you’ll understand why.

We’re expecting over 100 achievers with a further 50 people behind the scenes to make the party the best it can be for all of you.

Tickets are going fast – so get your tickets as soon as possible at the lowest price right now.

Come join us – but better yet, come with your friends and loved ones, for an amazing Xperience none of you will ever forget for the rest of your lives, which will then lead you all to get what you really want, quicker than you could ever do on your own!


The following is a report of what happened at the Life Changing Party held on 21st December 2014


It’s been 10 days since the exhilarating Life Changing Party held at the magnificent Setia City Convention Centre in ShahAlam.

And what a night it was!

A BIG THANK YOU to the 100+ attendees, and especially to my crew who put in their 100% to ensure everybody had a great time.

Special thanks to my PA Zoe She who toiled for months to help me organise this 1-of-a-kind event. If you know just what went into its planning and execution, you’ll know Zoe’s superhuman.

She’s awesome is so many ways and everybody’s truly fortunate to have her involved in this event, because it became so much better due to her efforts.


My PA Zoe She, who is a truly extraordinary and selfless person.

A standing ovation to all the “fans” who screamed their lungs out for our “celebrities”. You can’t distinguish them from real fans and based on our celebrities’ reactions, the fans did an amazing job. They are:

Loo Juosie
Michele Song
Yip Yao Zhong
Tan Su Fen
Carey Kai Li
Wong Ying Ru
Chin Set Li
Chin Mei Jin
Chong Zi Wei
Tan Jing Yan

Thank you, Vincent Eng, for helping us to design the beautiful Life Changing Party bunting that you see above, and the Oracle that was distributed to all attendees before they walked onto the red carpet.

Special thanks goes to:

1. KK Chin, my business partner, who printed all the materials you see and hold that night, including the huge backdrop on the red carpet!

2. Albert Yap, who was both the MC for the event and the newscaster for LCNN (Life Changing News Network) who read the news that literally either wiped out some investments overnight, or made them even more valuable. :-)

3. My 2 amazing programmers, Roy and Emmanuel who spent months programming the mobile app that attendees used that night for transactions to be done in real time, and for instant calculations to be made to show who the leaders are on the leaderboards. They were working that entire night – thousands of kilometres away!

4. Milan Doshi, my good friend and Property Xpert who not only supported this event, but also “created” all the properties attendees bought and sold that night!

5. Jimmy Ng, another good friend and Lifetime Million Dollar Round Table member (having won the MDRT award 10 years in a row!), who designed the Protection Plans that protected those who had the insight to buy them.

6. Charles Wong, my good friend and amazing business partner who helped provide additional crew members for me to ensure the party went well.

7. Gerald Kong, another good friend and awesome “auctioneer” who had everybody in stitches during the auction of rare and valuable assets.

8. Hardeep Singh of Crunchy Frog Productions, my amazingly creative friend and business associate who provided the RM40k worth of camera equipment and crew of 4 so that attendees can see live video feeds of the activities that night. Hardeep had also earlier filmed and edited the news clips read by Albert Yap, who was also the MC for the evening.

IMG_0336 1


Here’s one of the news clips that affected the behaviour of the attendees that night:

Here’s a video of the auction and the hi-tech equipment Hardeep brought that night:

And here are the rest of those who helped make this event a super successful one. Among them are attendees (and Sen Ze’s Passive Income Mastermind members) Ms. Leong Wai Fong and Sa Thin Wetsandorphong who both almost could not make it for different reasons but somehow managed to turn up, and as a result had an experience they’ll never forget for a long time to come!

Life Changing Party attendees and part of the crew

Life Changing Party attendees and part of the crew. Ms Leong is on my left, and Sa Thin is on her left, next to Dean Arif.


Life Changing Party crew

Standing, from left: Auctioneer extraordinaire Gerald Kong, Protection Booth Engineer Jimmy Ng, Creator Of Life Changing Party and Co-Founder of Life Changing Xperiential Center Sen Ze, Co-Founder of Life Changing Xperiential Center KK Chin, Video Productions Manager Hardeep Singh, Crew Member Carlson, Crew Member Lucas, Sen Ze’s PA and Crew Member Zoe She, Crew Member Kelly Tham and Crew Member Shermaine Sham. Front row, left to right: Hardeep’s Camera Crew, Floor Manager Charles Wong, Crew Member KH Leow. Not in photo: Crew Members Ngan, Crew Member Vincent Eng


And here are some photos of what happened that night on the red carpet:


Property Investor and Airline Pilot Wong Jay Sheng greeting his fans



Business Owner Chriss Tan



Reclusive millionaire Lim Tiong Jin, finally seen in public for the first time in many years



Gold and Silver Bullionaire Dean Arif greeting his fans


Ms. Leong Wai Fong

Ms. Leong Wai Fong



Cafe Owner Julie Tan greeting her fans



Group Agency Manager Peter Jose posing for his fans



Investor and World Traveler Andrea Leong acknowledging her fans



Media Personality Theresa Ong’s selfie with her fans



Life Guru Simon Nunis high fiving his fans



Property Guru Milan Doshi with his latest achievement.



Entrepreneur Tong Siew Long’s arrival



Serena C



Best-selling author Samuill Tiew with his latest fantasy novel



G Fun doing her thing



GM of Sales Rae Lim



Celebrity Host Carmen Chong


The red carpet entrance happened 5 years in the future, in December 2019…

Attendees have already achieved all they’ve wanted to achieve between 2014 and 2019.

To ensure attendees network with each other, various games that mimic real life experiences were played.

Each attendee arrived with LCP10 million cash in hand.

tenmillion note

There were property, stocks, business, franchises and Xcelerators for sale. Attendees could also donate to the charity of their choice, or start their own foundation with the money they have.

The entire purpose of the party is to entrench each attendee’s future self so deeply within their psyche that they will then start to look for all the things, help and people they need to get them to where they want to be.

A good network plays a huge part in their success, so the networking aspect of the party is a major activity that everybody participated in.

After about 6 hours of play, fun and hysterics, we’re proud to announce the following winners in the various categories we just made up.


EVERYBODY was a winner that night, by simply turning up.

The following winners however fit the categories below.

The Winners

Best Selfie On The Red Carpet


Theresa Ong

Theresa’s a real selfie pro. All her movements on the red carpet led seamlessly to this one high shot – without any monopod!


Best Prop:



Samuill Tiew

Samuel Tiew really did write the fantasy novel titled “John Solomon and the Fifth Island.”

You can find his novel at all major bookstores. His next goal is to turn his novel into a Hollywood blockbuster.



Best Rejected Prop:


Samuel Sham

Samuel did a great job here and we’re all for supporting his wildest dreams (we don’t judge, really).

Unfortunately he’s the wrong gender for this particular magazine (although we heard he could be the next Bond), so it was rejected.

He submitted a new one – and this one passed without any problem:



Best Dressed Celebrity: Male


Dean Arif

His gold suit also represents his current profession, which is trading in gold and silver. His clients are the rich and famous, just like him.


Best Dressed Celebrity: Female


Andrea Leong 

Her outfit looks like a cross between the styles of Alladin and the Vietnamese national costume. Add in embroidered motifs and exquisite stitching – and Andrea stood out beautifully.


Best PowerPoint Photos

The following were chosen because they are different and somehow stick in our heads:

verajoanoutdoorliving rsz_verajoan

Vera Joan

Vera is a landscape consultant. We love these candid shots of her being her natural self, in an unusual setting.


Jeff Yeap

Jeff is the MD of a Tech Company. He’s the first Life Changing Party attendee to be featured on TV, so this sets him apart.


Hanson Tan

Hanson is a top real estate negotiator. The book about him is seen amongst some of the greatest personalities on earth.

Top Overall Performer & Prizes

As the games progressed, attendees will either earn more money, or lose the money they have at the beginning.

We have 2 leaderboards – one to track who has the most cash in hand at any time (instantly, via our mobile app!), and another to track who has the most points based on the amount of cash in hand they have and what else they did other than just making money (also tracked to the mobile app).

The Top Overall Performer of the Life Changing Party is the leader on the second leaderboard.


She is Neoh Hui Er.

She earned LCP170 million+ at the end of the party, having started with just LCP10 million like everybody else!

How did she do it?

What did she do to earn that amount of money and points?

In a nutshell, she noticed things others didn’t – and simply kept doing those things over and over again until there’s nothing to gain from it anymore.

That was the main lesson for this edition of the Life Changing Party.

The next Life Changing Party will have a different main lesson and other sub lessons, with different “stories” that affect how you act and behave then.

What worked for this edition may not work for the next Life Changing Party, now scheduled for Sunday 14th June 2015! Get ready for it!

Current participants are encouraged to return to play with a whole new group of attendees which will increase your network overnight once more, at special prices if you buy your tickets early! More details on this will be provided soon.

For being a Top Overall Performer, Ms. Neoh won the following:

1. Lunch with Property Xpert Milan Doshi

Milan Doshi 016 - first book

Milan’s insights of the property market can be worth millions to anyone. I have personally done lunch with him and he gave me some great advice on some of the best property investments anyone could make at that time, with his predictions becoming uncannily true in due time.

Ms. Neoh gets to ask him as many questions as she likes, receives good property insights worth millions, AND have a free lunch at the same time!

2. A membership to Sen Ze’s Passive Income Mastermind


My Passive Income Mastermind now has over 100 members who are looking for good businesses to invest in.

We’re especially interested in low-risk, high-returns businesses – of which there are quite a few although they’re not generally known.

I scour the business landscape to find the gems and members then decide for themselves if they wish to invest in them directly.

The Mastermind is also an incubator to generate good ideas for any member to start a business with if he wishes, and later develop into a passive income source where he will not be spending any time working in it. Members can provide the resources and funding for it to get off the ground.

We meet once a month for this purpose. The Mastermind is worth millions to its members – and Ms. Neoh gets a free membership!


If you haven’t attended my talk on the Passive Income Mastermind before where I showcase some of the most amazing business models that bring in high returns that very few people know about, click here to register your seats via SMS. It’s free to attend. :-)

We would like to congratulate Ms. Neoh for playing so well. She led the field after the “first year” of the “5 years” represented by the 5 hours that night and never looked back. Well done indeed. :-)

Win an iPhone 6 Plus!

If you’ve bought tickets to the Life Changing Party held on 21st December 2014, you qualify for a chance to win a Gold colour 128GB iPhone 6 Plus worth RM3,549.00!

iphone6plus_goldYes, we’re giving away the most expensive iPhone ever produced so far.

We chose the 128GB Gold colour version because its high storage capacity and colour provide you the most value in a phone should you ever decide to sell it off.

I’m using the 6 Plus myself and its big screen, speed and everything else all add up to a most amazing experience that should absolutely delight you.

To have a chance to win it, all you have to do is to fill up your Oracle with images and your notes about the various areas of your life that you want to achieve between now and 2019, and what you need to do to achieve them.

Here’s the Oracle that was handed to you that night (only those who bought tickets to the Life Changing Party will get one):





There are quite a few pages to fill up, but spend the next few weeks doing exactly this so that you can design your future.

Do this now as you wait for the new year, because nobody else will do it for you. This is the starting point for your future and it’s the single most important thing you can do – ever.

With the right imagery and notes filling up this Oracle, and your constant reference of it to add or delete your notes as you chart your path to your dreams, you will shortcut your journey to success as you’ll be constantly taking ACTION to get what you want.


You WILL make good progress with the Oracle in your hand, because you have never done things this way before. We created the Oracle especially for the Life Changing Party, so nothing like it ever existed before.

You simply have to fill it up and refer to it all the time.

To encourage you to do this, we’re offering you a chance to win the Gold coloured iPhone 6 Plus.

You need to simply go to the following link to upload your scanned Oracle:

Do NOT mail the physical copy of the Oracle to us. We want you to keep it and refer to it often, which is why you only need to scan it and submit the scanned copy to us.

You have until 31st January 2015 to do this.

After this date we will go through all submissions and determine the worthy winner of the iPhone 6 Plus. Once we have determined a winner we will announce his/her name on this blog and to our lists. The winner will also be notified separately to ensure he/she knows.

If you’ve misplaced your Oracle or you simply want to start over, a new one is on sale for only RM30 each. Simply write to us using the form on the right of this page or send us an email to and let us know.

If You’ve Enjoyed The Life Changing Party…

Do 2 things:

1. Simply tell us the valuable lessons you’ve learned…
…as you were playing the games that make you see things or people in a different way, using the form on the right of this page, or by emailing us at If we share your inputs with our lists you’ll get noticed by the thousands of people on our list, thus giving you valuable exposure for just a few minutes of your time.

2. Tell your friends and network to join the next Life Changing Party scheduled for Sunday 14th June 2015.
We’re going to be creating new stories, new opportunities and new assets that will offer you different powerful lessons than what you’ve learned 10 days ago, so you’ll have another life changing experience to go through. You’ll get better and better even as we work on making the Life Changing Party experience better and better!


That’s it for now.

In the meantime, we at the Life Changing Xperiential Center wish you a GREAT 2015 which is the year when you start to take all the positive steps that will get you closer and closer to your dreams!




Sen Ze
Passive Income Mastermind


Venue for The Life Changing Party, the magnificent Setia City Convention Center

Get your tickets NOW!

The next Life Changing Party will be held on Sunday 26th June 2016, at Setia City Convention Center, Shah Alam. It starts at 4.00pm and ends at 12.00am.

Ticket price is only RM199 per person (RM210.94 with 6% GST). This includes a sumptuous halal buffet dinner, networking with other like-minded attendees and experiential learning sessions.

* 1 Ticket RM199 (price is subjected to 6% GST)

Terms And Conditions:

1. All ticket purchases are not refundable.
2. If you have bought a ticket but are unable to attend the Life Changing Party this 26th June 2016, you cannot attend a future Life Changing Party as a replacement as we would have already incurred the cost in organising it for you.
3. Tickets are not transferable as the event will be personalised to each attendee.
* I agree to the Terms and Conditions