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Making It Big: How To Easily Write A Bestseller Within Days Or Weeks!

Sen Ze and Gerald Kong

This is a 2-day intensive Masterclass on how you can become a local and international best-selling author using proven, quicker and easier techniques used by both Sen Ze and Gerald Kong that most other authors don’t know about.


1. Some authors of a best-selling book will almost immediately start a very good and lucrative career based on their bestselling book.

2. Other authors increased their income SIGNIFICANTLY after publishing a best-selling book on their area of expertise

3. Yet other authors will get a huge boost in their social status that will open doors in important areas previously not accessible to them.

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th March 2018

9am – 5pm both days

Lunch is provided.

Only RM990 per person if paid before 31st January 2018
RM1,490 if paid before 15th February 2018
RM1,990 if paid before 28th February 2018

Masterclass Details:

Sen Ze and Gerald Kong are business partners in various projects. They’re also authors of multiple best-selling books (local and international) in their own right, with Sen Ze starting in 1999 and Gerald with his latest book being launched in late 2017. Their bestselling titles include the following and more:

1. Mini-Encyclopedia of Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models (1999) by Sen Ze
A book about the many different ways entrepreneurs from around the world make their money online, for readers worldwide. Sen Ze wrote the first edition of this book in just 2 weeks and sold it for USD97 (RM368.60 then) per copy online, directly from his website. It literally launched his career as an expert, speaker and trainer on Internet Entrepreneurship back in the days when the Internet as the public knew it was only a few years old.

2. How To Use The Internet To Earn US Dollars In Your Pajamas (2003) by Sen Ze
A book about how to become an Internet Entrepreneur selling your own products to a global audience, targeted to Malaysian and Singaporean entrepreneurs. Sen Ze wrote this book in 2 weeks.

3. The AirAsia Story (2008) by Sen Ze and Jayne Ng
A book about how AirAsia earned hundreds of millions per year in its early years even when it was selling air tickets for a dollar or less. Sen Ze wrote his sections in less than 2 days.

4. Unlocking The Social Media Code (2010) by Sen Ze
A book about how to use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more to market your business at the lowest cost possible. Sen Ze wrote this book in 4 weeks.

5. Pretty Lies, Ugly Truth (2012) by Gerald Kong and John SL Ong
A book about the dirty tricks global businesses use to outperform their competition. If this book is written today, Uber will be one of the case studies – so you get a feel of what the content is about. Gerald Kong wrote his sections in a couple of months. This book was also available on

6. Ugly Lies, Pretty Truth (2017) by Gerald Kong and Sek Jin Han
A book about how to invest in properties in parts of Asia without location being the first criteria with multiple case studies from the authors’ own personal property investing journey. Gerald took his time writing this book as he was not in a hurry (within a few months), but if he really wanted to do it quicker, he most certainly would have.

1) This is NOT a Masterclass on how to write novels like the Game of Thrones or the Harry Potter series, a volume of which will take YEARS to complete with no clue whether they’ll be a hit.

2) Writing a bestseller is very hard for most people, which is why most people don’t write one 
Which is also why you MUST have written a bestselling book as part of your biodata, as you’ll instantly stand out from your competitors – and make more money than them. This powerful Masterclass will provide you with the little-known secrets to not only QUICKLY and EASILY write a book, but also a best-selling one!

3) Because Sen Ze and Gerald Kong are going to reveal their closely-guarded secrets to a select few, you must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be able to attend it. Sen Ze himself has kept his secrets close to his chest for more than 20 years now to create bestseller after bestseller after bestseller, so he’ll only do it on this condition. You simply agree you will only use their secrets to create your own bestseller, without disclosing to others how you did it.

Here are some of the “Making It Big” Masterclass training modules:

1. Clarifying your objectives for writing a book
Your objective will be different from another author’s. Once you know your objectives for wanting to write a book, you will know the steps to take to realise them – including how much time you’re going to devote yourself to writing it.

2. The main factors that make a book a bestseller
Once you know what affects a book’s chances of becoming a bestseller, you can maximise your own chances of making it with your book that you’ll be writing from scratch.

3. The various ways you can make money with a best-selling book
Discover the many ways you can make money with a best-selling book. Some of the methods are only possible if you write them following Sen Ze and Gerald’s top-secret methods, while others are not commonly known. They will not hold anything back, so get ready for a really good time.

4. The different types of topics to write about
There are 2 main categories of books that you will be writing on. You will fit within one or both of them, but each category has its own rules that you must follow.

5. The different formats for the type of book you’ve decided to write
There are 3 different formats:
1) The QUICK: Write a book within A FEW HOURS, or a FEW DAYS
2) The MEDIUM: Write a book within WEEKS
3) The LONG: Write a book within MONTHS

1) Books written in the 3 formats above can be of the same length (or pages). The formats refer to the speed of your book creation, not how many pages it contains.

2) All can be bestsellers, because a bestselling book does NOT depend on how much time you spent writing it.

6. How to choose a title that makes your book stand out
This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT elements of your book, but many authors get this part wrong. Discover the “rules” for writing a book title that absolutely makes a total stranger want to pick it up in a bookstore.

7. The 3 different methods of publishing your book
Which way is the best way to go? It depends on a few factors, and none is better than the other. But which way is the best one for your purpose?

8. Marketing your book
The various ways you can use to really market your book, including some unconventional and powerful methods that will make you stand out from everybody else, which also covers online and offline marketing methods you can easily implement on your own at the lowest possible cost.

9. And much, much more!


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Only RM990 per person if paid before 31st January 2018
RM1,490 if paid before 15th February 2018
RM1,990 if paid before 28th February 2018