MathMagic 1

Get your children to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers willingly. They will do this 300 – 1,500 times per game – without realising it! In addition, they will look forward to playing it again and again since it’s so much fun. It’s suitable for children aged 9 years and above, as well as adults and seniors who would like to keep their mental faculties sharp. It’s more than just improving your maths – it also helps you learn strategy as well. MathMagic is also a great game for you to bond deeper with your loved ones as it’s an excellent game to play with your family and friends.

MathMagic has been called “The Scrabble Of Maths”.


MathMagic 2
This is the more advanced game for those who want a higher level of difficulty. You’ll be calculating squares, square roots, cubes and cube roots in addition to the usual calculations in MathMagic 1. In addition, there are also “joker” tiles which can be used in ways not found in MathMagic 1, which opens up many more interesting possibilities.

MathMagic 1 / MathMagic 2 Price: ***MathMagic 1 is currently out of stock

RM120 (USD40) per box (all prices are subjected to 6% GST)

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