The Life Changing Money Program teaches you some little-known life-changing secrets to double or triple your income in the quickest possible time.

Whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur, you’ll be able to see what you’re doing wrong and what you need to do right to get the results that you want.

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lee yen
– Lee Yen, English Coach
I am amazed with the power-packed real-life stories and powerful concepts shared in the Life Changing Money Program.

My mind was literally on “GREEN light” mode all the time.

I was challenged to constantly think of the value that I could create to make a great impact in people’s lives for which I would be handsomely rewarded.

Ideas are still floating in my mind as I write this. Keep up the GOOD work!
– Jancy Tan, Retiree
This Life Changing Money Program provided interesting content and innovative ideas.

It also has “Go-To” support for quick kick-start of online business and marketing.

Will change your life if you take action.
– Felicia Yong, Lecturer in Quantity Surveying
The Life Changing Money Program gives a lot of value to the participants.

It showcased a great team of experts who all shared their experiences and knowledge in their respective fields of self-development, entrepreneurship, fund raising, patents, marketing and more.

It also motivates aspiring participants to embark on the entrepreneurship route, which provides great rewards to those who take action.
alan kang
– Alan Kang, Lawyer
The Life Changing Money Program is very informative and useful!

I was exposed to all kind of insider’s secrets for successfully marketing a business online which I have never seen before!

Highly recommended!
aaron han
– Aaron Han, Entrepreneur
I’ve enjoyed the Life Changing Money Program tremendously.

It showed me how I could use my talent to earn more income by using the power of leverage.

For those interested in starting a business, it revealed how we can start a business at the lowest cost possible and what type of products to sell for us to have the highest possible chances of success, as well as who to go to to get the work done for us so that we don’t have to do everything on our own.

This will greatly increase our success rate – and I’m looking forward to getting started on my path really soon!
– Steven Yong, Entrepreneur
I enjoyed the Life Changing Money Program very much because I was an employee for many years, then changed to become self-employed, selling financial services, and now back again trying to be an entrepreneur.

I am always excited when people show me a way to earn passive income or near passive income.

This program is very unique and awakened my thinking mind because for so long I never even realize there are so many different ways I could make money.
IMG_2015-10-09 13:21:00
– Sheila Bhaskaran, Personal Assistant
The Life Changing Money Program provided great ideas, brain-storming sessions and powerful methods to assist and help us in setting up our own business from scratch.

The approaches used are excellent!

If you want to increase your income as an employee or your revenues as an entrepreneur, do attend the Life Changing Money Program as you’ll discover some of the most amazing secrets to success not found anywhere else.

If you want to start your own business…

The Life Changing Money Program will help you:start_own_business

  • Choose the best type of products to sell for the most profits
  • Understand how to add value that your prospects and customers will appreciate and thus reward you with their purchases
  • Know the most important aspects of your business so that you can generate the most profits
  • Design a working program where you do the least amount of work possible on your own
  • Make your prospects and customers market your products for you willingly and for free
  • Use Social Media and other powerful marketing techniques correctly to market them at the cheapest cost and lowest risk possible
  • And much, much more!

If you work for someone in his business… 

The Life Changing Money Program will help you:star-employee

  • Earn a higher income or compensation package
  • Have a much higher chance of being promoted – and quicker as well!
  • Be recognised and rewarded more for your efforts
  • Get a better employer 
  • Be sought after by other employers all fighting to employ you
  • Have better job security
  • Earn a higher bonus
  • Achieve financial freedom much quicker than your peers
  • And much, much more!

If you work for yourself in your own business…

sales-upThe Life Changing Money Program will help you:

  • Earn much higher revenues from your business
  • Dramatically reduce the amount of effort you will need to put in to earn your income
  • Be more efficient and effective in your work so that you can have more clients than your competitors
  • Have your prospects seek you out to buy your products or services from you instead of the other way around
  • Easily reach even more prospects while doing even less work!
  • Achieve financial freedom much quicker than your peers
  • And much, much more!

If other people work for you in your business…

good-staffThe Life Changing Money Program will help you:

  • Get better-quality employees who are willing to work harder for you
  • Get more loyal employees who will not leave you for higher pay elsewhere
  • Reach out to many more prospects at a much lower cost
  • Get a network of key people who can help you achieve your business goals at a much lower cost
  • Close more sales for more profits
  • Achieve your revenue goals faster
  • Beat your competitors flat
  • Expand much quicker and with less effort
  • And much more!

No matter which group you belong to…

You can always do much better without too much effort, time and money once you’ve gone through the Life Changing Money Program.

You life will literally change for the better, significantly.

But Here’s The Problem…

Most people have NO CLUE what the life-changing secrets are, so they remain stuck where they are.

But don’t despair.

Because FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER…YOU WILL finally achieve the breakthrough you’ve always wanted!


You’ll discover how you can create your own life-changing breakthrough via a combination of knowledge, cutting-edge systems and the sharing of assets possessed by those who have them.

So if you like the following:

  • To make more money in your job or business
  • To become financially free quicker
  • To be much happier in your life and have loving relationships with the people you care about
  • To be respected and appreciated by other people
  • To achieve amazing breakthroughs in your life quickly
  • To have a much higher chance of succeeding in all your endeavours

You’ll want to do all you can to attend the Life Changing Money Program!

The Life Changing Money Program Team

The Life Changing Money Program is led by Sen Ze with his team of superstar Xperts who are all huge successes in their own right.

As an employee, Sen Ze, having worked in both big and small companies:

  1. Experienced a 100% pay rise — literally overnight
  2. Experienced another pay rise of 66.67% not long after that
  3. Was headhunted multiple times by other companies
  4. Chose the type of work he wished to do – and he chose those that are in line with his passions.

As an entrepreneur, Sen Ze:

  1. Became a best-selling author of multiple books on e-commerce and entrepreneurship
  2. Became an authority on e-commerce, social media marketing and mobile marketing
  3. Once sold over RM400,000+ worth of products in just 50 minutes with just ONE e-mail
  4. Started multiple businesses from scratch in different, unrelated industries
  5. Currently leads a team of investors looking to invest in high ROI assets with low risks
  6. As he starts another 2 new businesses from scratch selling unrelated products


Free Talk: “How You Can Double Or Triple Your Income Either As An Employee Or An Entrepreneur – In Just 3 Simple Steps!” 

Xpert: Sen Ze. Lawyer, mentalist, author of multiple best-selling books on entrepreneurship, serial entrepreneur.

Date and Time: To Be Announced

Venue: The Life Changing Xperiential Center

Registration for FREE seat is compulsory.

About The Speaker:


Sen Zis a qualified lawyer (“Barrister-at-Law” from Lincoln’s Inn, UK), a Mentalist and best-selling author of multiple books on Internet Marketing, E-Commerce and Social Media. He’s also a speaker, trainer and coach on his areas of expertise.

senze-lawyerSen Ze qualified as a lawyer (Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln’s Inn, UK). He practised law from 1992 – 1995. 

shauntan_sharifah_ainiSen Ze reading singer Sharifah Aini’s mind on live national TV in 1996 in his other career as a Mentalist under the name of “Shaun Tan”




blindfold_drive_shauntan2Sen Ze as “Shaun Tan” driving on the streets of Kuala Lumpur blindfolded to help raise funds for the blind in 1999

Sen Ze‘s multiple best-selling books starting from 2003 to 2015 on Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing