Discover and invest in unknown, hidden and start up businesses with actual and potential ROIs of between 40% – 180% or more per year in the company of like-minded investors, business operators and experts in multiple business disciplines, every 1st Saturday of the month.


Sen Ze has revealed lots of information that I have never seen before and even thought of them as impossible. My longtime wish of creating passive income for myself is about to realize and with his guidance that he provided I feel more positive of what I should be doing, thanks to his invaluable and unselfish sharing with all Passive Income Mastermind members.
– Lillian Ooi, Architect

Sen Ze’s Passive Income Essentials sessions were eye-openers with multiple ideas that I could not possibly have known if I have not joined his Passive Income Mastermind. The subjects on Passive Income was pretty comprehensive and there was a free flow of Q & A. Overall the presentation was conducted well and the impressive part was the active participation by attendees. If you want a Life Changing Xperience, become a Passive Income Mastermind member. Awesome!
– C. E. Ong, Retired (Shipping industryalexleow

Wow…So many ideas for passive income with lesser effort! Should have known this earlier! Worth your time to find out more!
– Alex Leow 
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All programs make promises. Sen Ze’s Passive Income Mastermind stands out because it delivers. Your mind is slowly moulded to think in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You begin to realize that you can be good – and SharonNelsonmake very good money – at several businesses you may not have tried before. Sen Ze himself has experimented with several ideas over the years. He is generous in sharing his experiences. He also takes the trouble to boil each experience down to a take-home lesson making it easy for the participant to understand and remember. He encourages open exchange and critical thinking, so that participants also gain from each other. The Passive Income Mastermind offers ideas you can implement immediately. It is truly one of the most transformative sessions I have ever attended.
– Sharon Nelson (Copywriter)

Overall a good program conducted by knowledgeable, engaging and professional experts, and well organised. I enjoyed every moment of it and appreciate Sen Ze’s efforts to share his vast knowledge and experiences with us!
– Soon Kok Ee

The sessions were mind-opening and participants were able to get ideas which they may not have thought of previously. We were jolted from our daily “roadblocks” or suppressed creativity. Ideas were also then evaluated for their viability.I’m very much looking forward to his follow-up sessions.
– Felicia Yong (Lecturer)

The program is an eye opener for me as far as passive income creation goes. Sen Ze shared what he has done before with many examples and possibilities. Also gave us insights/factors which give better rates of success. I urge all those who desire to be financially free to join the Passive Income Mastermind. Good luck and have fun!
– Chia Kah Hian (Entrepreneur)

Sen Ze’s Passive Income Mastermind’s power lies in the way that every member can benefit from each other instead of doing things on their own!
– Hanson Tan (Property Agent)

Sen Ze’s Passive Income Mastermind is only the beginning. More support and feedback will be provided to you in your passive income journey, to ensure that you achieve your dreams.
– Meor Yusrigary

A melting pot of ideas! Truly a breakthrough and groundbreaking platform among like-minded individuals to share ideas on developing avenues for passive-income and near-passive income. Sen Ze has done it AGAIN! The Passive Income Essentials sessions are not only packed with ideas, but Sen Ze has ensured that participants, like myself, are practical and realistic, as well as taking action with confidence! Thanks, Sen Zsifu!
– Gary Edward Chong (Lawyer)

Sen Ze’s Passive Income Mastermind’s main focus is to create MULTIPLE sources of PASSIVE Income for ourselves, WITHOUT putting in any time and effort of our own.


Members particularly like businesses that are just starting up with huge potential ROI.

They also invest in more than one type of business to increase their income and reduce their risks.

Members can also share their multi-million-dollar ideas for start ups that some skilled Mastermind members can help implement for them, quicker and at a much lower cost.

They can also invite the other members to be their investors as well.

Sen Ze also reveals one of his businesses that had an ROI of almost 36,000% (thirty six thousand percent) that members may be able to tweak into another business for another set of customers for an even higher ROI.

This particular business model generates Passive Income for the life of the customer – and its UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU’VE SEEN OR HEARD BEFORE.

Sen Ze‘s Passive Income Mastermind is only a few weeks old with over 60 members currently.

Many of them are already earning Passive Income withone project that only started about 3 weeks ago, that has a projected return of between 43% – 180% by the end of 12 months.

However, the total ROI is actually much higher because the Passive Income from this project will continue for years to come!

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Passive Income Mastermind members meet once a month for them to update their progress, share new ideas, request for feedback, start projects, learn proven business concepts and more on their way to making their Passive Income dreams a reality.

The Passive Income Mastermind DOES NOT discuss the following concepts:

1. MLM or Network Marketing

2. Stocks/Options/Commodities/Forex Trading

MLM/Network Marketing can take years of hard work and effort before you can earn enough Passive Income to sustain your lifestyle. We want to do it quicker than that, and with as little effort as possible.

And stocks/options/commodities/forex trading is an activity you do regularly, which means YOU will have to be actively involved, which isn’t passive at all.

Sen Ze‘s Passive Income Mastermind covers powerful but little-known business concepts and techniques that will finally enable you to create a business that will set you on the way to becoming financially free through the creation of multiple Passive Income sources – with little to no effort.

If You’re Keen To Become A Passive Income Mastermind Member, Simply Attend Sen Ze‘s 1-Of-A-Kind 3-Hour Talk On Passive Income Creation:

You’ll discover how YOU can create multiple Passive Income sources at the lowest possible cost and as quickly as possible.

He will showcase multiple Passive Income projects that you would think are impossible – yet they’re anything but!

Here are the details:


Multiply: How YOU Can Easily & Quickly Create Multiple Sources Of Passive Income – Without Lifting A Finger!


Date: Thursday, 30th July 2015
Time: 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Date: Saturday, 1st August 2015
Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Life Changing Xperiential Center


RM30/person (walk in). But FREE if you book your seats via SMS below.