LCX‘s Ultimate Property Xperiential Program (UPXP) helps you become a savvy property investor in the quickest possible time through our unique and powerful approaches in equipping you with all the knowledge and skills you require to profit from your property investing journey.

There are 4 parts to the Ultimate Property Investment Program:

1. Xperiential Discovery and Learning

You will learn proven techniques and systems to profiting from investing in overseas properties.

Our 1-of-a-kind workshops provide real-life simulations of investing practices with play money provided to you for you to pick the best “properties” to invest in.


You will discover the consequences of your investment actions in a safe environment where mistakes are encouraged as you will learn from them when you’re ready to invest in the real world.

You will never forget the lessons since you’re learning MORE than just theories as you’ll be putting your knowledge into practice without risking your real money – until you’re ready.

Nobody else does this simulation the way we’re doing it, as it’s very difficult to do – so you’re in for a real treat!

2. UPXP Investors Network

There are more than 200 investors in our group currently and growing (quickly).

All of them have invested in a membership, so you’ll be joining a valuable network of serious investors with cash who will all have their own experiences and knowledge to share with you, as well as form group buys with you so that everybody can get as much as 10 – 30% below market prices on the properties they fancy.

This will add even more depth to your own analysis and will help you make better investment decisions as you’re never alone.

3. Property Management Team (PMT)

We have also set up property management teams to manage the properties we’re investing in.

This frees you to earn pure PASSIVE INCOME since you don’t have to lift a finger looking for tenants or buyers for your properties, or maintain them yourself.

All the rental or sale proceeds from your properties will be deposited directly into your bank account. It’s a simple matter for you to log in and check your account balance – wherever in the world you may be. :-)

4. The “UPXP System” That Will Increase Your Profits By Up To 30% Or More

You’ll have access to the UPIP System that will enable you to profit IMMEDIATELY AS SOON AS you’ve bought your property.

If you choose to sell it off or rent it out, our Property Management Team will help you find a buyer or a tenant.

There are also properties that are ALREADY TENANTED that you can buy for LESS THAN RM200,000 per unit, so you can earn pure passive income upon purchase!

The Ultimate Property Xperiential Program

The Ultimate Property Xperiential Program is the result of YEARS of experience, insights and proven track records.

It is created by Jin Han and Gerald Kong. 

Jin Han and Gerald Kong are seasoned overseas property investors and co-authors of the upcoming book, “Property Tricks: Ugly Lies Pretty Truths“.



Jin Han





“I did not hesitate to invest in the countries shown in the Ultimate Property Xperiential Program especially when I can participate in an upward property investment cycle which is currently happening there.

“I would highly recommend you to explore this or you will miss the money boat!”

– Teresa Ong, Entrepreneur


SamLee“When I joined UPXP’s Educational Property Tour, I realized just how much that location’s potential is being neglected!

“I am expected to make easily DOUBLE my ROI there as compared to other local properties over the next few years.”

– Sam Lee, Seasoned Property Investor



“The ground work and research done by the UPXP Team and the advice provided by the legal representative during the tour has helped me make close to 20% capital return on paper in less than a year!”

– PJK Jeffrey Sek Kim Khee, Entrepreneur


eltonkwong“I am expecting to make 30% per year ROI with the UPXP group of investors, which I do not think I can achieve by investing myself.”

– Elton Kwong, Investor

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Talk: The Ultimate Property Xperiential Program (UPXP)

Speakers: Jin Han and Gerald Kong.
Together with their own network of investors, they currently own a portfolio of over 150 properties worth RM150 million and counting!

Date and Time: To Be Announced

Venue: Life Changing X Center


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