Life Changing X Center’s Xperiential sessions delivered by its panel of top Xperts help make you and your loved ones better, healthier, happier, more fulfilled and richer.

They will accelerate your progress so that you can get what you want much quicker than you can on your own. Simply look over the Xperiences below and join the ones that most appeal to you, so that you can start to change you and your loved ones’ lives as soon as possible.


Event: MathMagic Board Game Session

Life-Changing Xperience: Practising math becomes a whole lot of FUN for your children or your parents, or seniors. Your children will then improve their math by leaps and bounds, and your parents or seniors will exercise their minds to remain mentally active. They will be making 300-1,500 (yes, three hundred to one thousand five hundred) math calculations in their heads per game – and loving it! It sounds impossible, until you try playing the game yourself. And you will then know what a genius inventor Jimmy Yeoh is.

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Event: “How To Raise Happy And Super Creative Children” Workshop by Poh Yew

Life-Changing Xperience:

When your children are happy and creative there’s no problem they can’t solve – and thus they will be more successful in life and hold higher job positions. Poh Yew is a much sought-after international trainer in creativity who started her career as a school teacher. Her students would wait impatiently for her next class just so that they could experience her creative methods in teaching them – resulting in many of them doing very well in the subjects she taught (children naturally do better in the subjects they’re interested in). She also trains parents on how to raise children to be happy and super creative so that the children can be independent and achieve better results for their efforts. Attend her workshop if you’re a parent and you want your children to have that extra edge over their peers. It’s a workshop that you will definitely enjoy as it’s full of creative techniques and ideas – and your children will then bond even more strongly with you once you start teaching them how to be creative themselves!

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couple peeping through hole in white paper

Event: “BREAKTHROUGH” session by Hann The PathFinder

Who Should Attend:

  • Those who are unhappy in their relationships with a loved one, family members, people at work or someone important to them
  • Those who are unable to resolve their relationship conflicts despite trying their best for weeks, months or years
  • Those having sleepless nights over a relationship issue that appeared to have resolved but somehow didn’t feel right

Life-Changing Xperience: Hann will show you the 3 simple steps to take to resolve your relationship conflicts with your loved ones, family members, colleagues or anyone you deal on a regular basis, as quickly as possible. You will end up much happier and fulfilled with absolute clarity on what the root causes of the conflict are – and they’re frequently not what you thought. This can happen very quickly, within days – and sometimes instantly!

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