Event: “How To Raise Happy And Super Creative Children” Workshop

Xpert: Poh Yew, Creativity Trainer

Date: Sunday 7th June 2015

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Venue: Room 1, Life Changing X Center

Who Should Attend:

Parents and Educators of school-going children.

NOTE: This is not a workshop for children, please do not bring them along.

Life-Changing Xperience:

When your children are happy and creative there’s no problem they can’t solve – and thus they will be more successful in life and hold higher job positions. Poh Yew is a much sought-after international trainer in creativity who started her career as a school teacher. Her students would wait impatiently for her next class just so that they could experience her creative methods in teaching them – resulting in many of them doing very well in the subjects she taught (children naturally do better in the subjects they’re interested in). She also trains parents on how to raise children to be happy and super creative so that the children can be independent and achieve better results for their efforts. Attend her workshop if you’re a parent and you want your children to have that extra edge over their peers. It’s a workshop that you will definitely enjoy as it’s full of creative techniques and ideas – and your children will then bond even more strongly with you once you start teaching them how to be creative themselves!

Fee (inclusive of 6% GST):

1. One person: RM506.68

2. Husband and wife: RM854.36

Seats are limited, please register as soon as possible.

This is a workshop for parents or educators only. Do not bring your children along.

How To Pay: 

Credit Card / Online Bank Transfer




Poh Yew is an international trainer in creativity techniques and methods for use in solving life’s greatest problems. She has trained CEOs of huge companies to help them solve work-related issues creatively which has helped them save thousands, even millions of dollars in not having to pursue other solutions. She also trains parents to raise happy and super creative children for both parents and children to fulfil their fullest potential while enjoying themselves at the same time. Not only are her workshops are a delight to attend, you’ll be learning important new creativity skills that will astonish you with the solutions you can come up with to any problem you may have.