Event: The GR:IN System For Losing Weight And Melting Unwanted Body Fat Away – Permanently!

Xpert: Teoh Jou Yin,  Occupational Therapist

Date and Time:
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Venue: Life Changing Xperiential Center

Who Should Attend:

  • Those who are overweight
  • Those suffering from medical conditions as a result of being overweight
  • Those who can’t conceive
  • Those who have high blood pressure
  • Those with back pain
  • Those with knee pain
  • Those who are always tired during the day
  • Those with pre diabetes or diabetes

Life Changing Xperience:

Jou Yin has devised an effective weight loss system she calls the GR:IN system that enables you to not only easily lose the weight you want to lose so that you can alleviate or eliminate your health conditions, but also to keep the weight off PERMANENTLY.


The above photo shows Kris Kong who followed Jou Yin’s GR:IN System for Permanent Weight Loss Program. He used to weigh 75 kilos. He’s now 63 kilos AND still eats chocolates everyday.

Jou Yin’s GR:IN System has the following huge advantages:

  • You’re programming YOUR BRAIN to set the weight that you want to achieve
    • Your brain then automatically tells your body to reach that goal, naturally!
  • No chemicals, no drugs, no medication
    • The GR:IN system is totally safe and does not use any of those things to achieve your goal
  • No “supplements” like carb blockers, appetite suppressants, fat burners, etc
    • There’s nothing for you to be dependent on.
  • No gimmicks like heat wrap, sauna, cream, etc
    • They make you feel really warm and expel water from your body, but leave your unwanted fat totally untouched.
  • No meal replacement packs
    • You will eat real food for your breakfast, lunch and dinner, as usual.
  • No counting of calories in the food you eat
    • So you can eat whatever you want. Once you’ve learned the system, your body will  REJECT the food that are low in nutrients or cause you to gain weight – NATURALLY. You don’t even have to think about it. It just happens, and you’ll love it!
  • No long, dreary cardio exercises at the gym
    • Forget the 2-hour sessions running on a treadmill or cycling on the spot, 3 times a week!
  • No willpower required
    • GR:IN is NOT meant to be endured, because it’s mainly recognising the factors that make you gain weight – and then doing the necessary to go around those factors. It puts you in control because you will finally understand why you’re putting on the weight and how simple adjustments are all you need to get them off.

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Jou Yin is an Occupational Therapist and a certified Taekwondo coach. Unknown to you, your health condition could be caused by your daily activities (what “occupies” your time). Jou Yin does a comprehensive “audit” of your occupation to determine if your daily activities do in fact cause your problems to manifest and if so, she teaches you how to make simple but life-changing adjustments that will either alleviate your health condition or eliminate it for good.

She specialises in weight management as it is one of the biggest causes of illnesses and injuries today. She developed her GR:IN System for weight loss in response to this chilling epidemic with special emphasis on making sure that the lost weight remains lost – without any “willpower” required. This simply means that you can eat whatever you want in any portion you want – and still lose weight! There’s also no long dreary exercises at the gym that you need to do. The weight still melts away – and doesn’t come back! :-)