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Terms And Conditions:
1. All ticket purchases are not refundable.
2. If you have bought a ticket but are unable to attend the Life Changing Party this June 14th 2015, you cannot attend a future Life Changing Party as a replacement as we would have already incurred the cost in organising it for you.
3. Tickets are not transferable as the event will be personalised to each attendee.
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Get Ready To Change Your Life In Just 6 Hours!


The next Life Changing Party will be held on Sunday 14th June 2015, at Setia City Convention Center, Shah Alam. It starts at 4.00pm and ends at 12.00am.

Ticket price is only RM390 per person. Buy more than one ticket and you’ll enjoy discounted tickets. In groups of 5, each ticket is only RM270.

This Life Changing Party will be bigger than ever, with even more Xperiences and surprises in store for you. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world – and you will be thoroughly thrilled with what we’ve planned for you.

You will come as the person you want to be 5 years from now. You will come as the future you. You will dress, act and behave as if it’s the year 2020, where all your dreams and desires have already been achieved, where you’re as successful as you want to be.

You will be given LCP10 million to spend as you please, as your “pocket money”. There will be things for you to spend your money on, and opportunities to multiply this amount amongst your fellow “millionaires” that night.

You will get an INSTANT NETWORK of high-achieving individuals, some of whom may be able to help you achieve your future goals. You will dine with them and share your proud accomplishments with them that made a change in other people’s lives in a significant way.

You will laugh your hardest, poignantly reminisce on your humble past, make strategic business deals, connect with people on a deeper level, pat everybody on their backs for their achievements, and more.

The Life Changing Party mimics real life Xperiences, challenges and achievements – but it’ll feel so real that your mind and body will not know the difference.

It’s an exhilarating ride – and you wouldn’t trade it for anything else, because you will wake up the next day a totally new person with nothing that you can’t do.

We’ve heard from those whose life did indeed change after attending it. When you’ve attended one you’ll understand why.

We’re expecting over 100 achievers with a further 50 people behind the scenes to make the party the best it can be for all of you.

Tickets are going fast – so get your tickets as soon as possible at the lowest price right now.

Come join us – but better yet, come with your friends and loved ones, for an amazing Xperience none of you will ever forget for the rest of your lives, which will then lead you all to get what you really want, quicker than you could ever do on your own!