Passive Income” simply means income earned without putting in time and effort, which is what EVERYBODY wants.

Unfortunately, most people think that creating Passive Income requires either a huge investment of money or lots of time and effort.

Which is a shame, as there are many ways to create Passive Income at a TINY FRACTION of the cost, and with LITTLE OR NO EFFORT!

Sen Ze is a best-selling author and specialist in creating MULTIPLE sources of Passive Income using low-cost methods and systems that most people have no idea even existed.

Here are some mind-blowing examples:

  • One Passive Income model cost NOTHING to set up, RM75/month to operate, and brought in an income of RM27,000/month. This is an ROI of almost 36,000%!
  • This Passive Income model also provides you with customers who will WILLINGLY pay you EVERY SINGLE MONTH for practically THEIR ENTIRE LIFETIME!
  • Another Passive Income model delivers Sen Ze’s SERVICE to his customers AUTOMATICALLY and without any time and effort from him! (The service itself is automated!)
  • Yet another Passive Income model enabled Sen Ze to charge 6 TIMES MORE than his competitors – but his customers are happily paying him this higher fee nevertheless!
  • How one savvy entrepreneur spent only 10 MINUTES writing a book that went on to sell well over…1 MILLION copies!
  • How an artist literally COMMANDED his clients to pay whatever he wanted them to pay for his paintings – with literally HUNDREDS of them following his orders like hypnotised bunnies!
  • How another savvy entrepreneur spent almost no effort creating a product for pet owners to buy for their pets’ entertainment at 20 (TWENTY) times his cost to produce the product!
  • NOT MLM (no recruiting or maintenance fee)
  • NOT investing in gold, silver or property
  • NOT insurance
  • NOT stocks, options, commodities or forex trading
  • NOT ponzi, gifting or get-rich-quick schemes

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Multiply: How YOU Can Easily & Quickly Create Multiple Sources Of Passive Income – Without Lifting A Finger!

Sen Ze, Passive Income creator and best-selling author of multiple books including the iconic “How To Use The Internet To Earn US Dollars In Your Pajamas” and “The AirAsia Story”


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Sen Zis a qualified lawyer (“Barrister-at-Law” from Lincoln’s Inn, UK) and a best-selling author of multiple books on Internet Marketing, E-Commerce and Social Media. He’s also a speaker, trainer and coach on his areas of expertise.


Sen Ze‘s multiple best-selling books starting on Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing


Sen Ze receiving the Social Media icon award for creating new entrepreneurs selling Social Media marketing services