By Sen Ze, Passive Income Creator and Author Of Multiple Best-Selling Books On Passive Income Creation

This is how the New Investment Model compares to the Old Investment Model:


In the Old Investment Model, the Return On Investment (ROI) per year is usually a small portion of your capital. Typically, this amount ranges from 3% – 20% max.

In the New Investment Model, the ROI per year is MULTIPLE TIMES your capital. The ROI here typically ranges from an insane 40% to 500%….and usually more!

It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

The Old Investment Model and the New Investment Model are DIRECT OPPOSITES of each other.

The New Investment Model Is Unknown. But It Is Real.

In fact, I’ve been doing The New Investment Model for some time – without realising it!

There are very few people who are even aware of it, which is a good thing.

But the even better thing?

It doesn’t matter if more people know what it is. It will work even better!

Here’s What It Is

In The New Investment Model, you’ll be investing in other people’s businesses.

Other people do the work for themselves, and for you.

You do absolutely nothing other than to invest in them.

Yes, you invest absolutely no time or effort of your own into people who will gladly earn you a huge return on your investment because your investment helps them earn a bigger return for themselves too.

They can’t earn huge returns without you. And you can’t do it without them.

It’s the perfect match for the both of you.


You’re not their client. You don’t outsource anything to them.

They are doing the work for themselves. 

And they’re simply giving you the privilege to be their partners.

This is crucial, because their motivation is different.

In Other Words…

They’re not allowing you to be a partner for your money alone.

They’re allowing you to be a partner for what your investment can bring them.

Which is even higher returns, than when you’re not their partner.

This Is Probably The BEST Investment You Can Ever Make 

Now there are statistics that show that 8 out of 10 businesses will fail within 18 months, and 9 out of 10 within 5 years.

But businesses in The New Investment Model hardly ever fails.

This doesn’t mean they don’t fail, of course.

But they almost never do.

Why do they have such a high chance of succeeding?


  • The nature of the business itself is such that almost all the risks have already passed, by the time your investment is required under The New Investment Model
  • Which means that by the time you’re investing in the business, you’re not taking the risks those working in the business had to face, months earlier!
  • In addition, the nature of the business’s target market is such that they buy practically anything the business produces
  • They also buy multiple times – sometimes within days from the last purchase
  • And they buy at high prices as well!
  • The margins for each product sold are also insanely high. In fact, they’re the highest margins you can ever get for any product ever sold!

Discover What The New Investment Model Is Now

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  • What The New Investment Model really is and how can it be the total opposite of the Old Investment Model
  • Why anybody would take the huge risks in starting a business for themselves only to allow you the privilege of being their partner without your taking on the risks they did
  • Why those businesses almost never fail from that point on
  • The type of businesses that are suitable for The New Investment Model
  • The type of products those business mainly sell that bring in huge returns
  • Why their target market behave the way they do to make those businesses make a lot of money
  • How the Return On Investment can go to the HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS OF PERCENT within months, with the right business model and target market
  • And much, much more!

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The New Investment Model Revealed

Sen Ze, Passive Income creator and best-selling author of multiple books including the iconic “How To Use The Internet To Earn US Dollars In Your Pajamas” and “The AirAsia Story”


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