dazirongDa ZiRong is a Qigong Trainer. He teaches simple but powerful 5,000-year-old Qigong exercises to enable you to lower your stress levels dramatically, alleviate your joints pain and headaches, reduce your high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, and eliminate insomnia altogether – all without any drugs or medication. The special Qigong exercises he teaches can be done anytime, anywhere, by anyone, with the benefits felt immediately in many cases.

Da ZiRong himself was suffering from high blood pressure many years ago, with a reading of 190/90. He was adamant not to take drugs or medications to control his condition which wasn’t a wise thing to do since it could lead to major complications – but he wanted a natural way to treat his condition. His search led him to Qiqong exercises.

After doing those exercises for a few weeks, his blood pressure went back to normal at 130/80 – and it has stayed that way ever since. He has since discovered that Qigong exercises also work well in controlling pain, headaches, high cholesterol, insomnia and many other medical conditions.

Da ZiRong provides Qigong consultation and training sessions to those wishing to have better health or alleviate their medical conditions without depending on drugs and medications for the rest of their lives.