Lydia Jominin is a Franchise Consultant, with a Bio-medicine Degree (Hons.) from MSU University. As a franchise consultant, Lydia has helped many brands expand their reach quickly and with minimal risks by franchising their brand, and new business owners to get started quickly and with minimal risks by buying a franchise of a brand that has already been proven to work.

Since franchise fees for businesses involve a good sum of money, getting good franchise advice whether as a franchisor or franchisee is a crucial first step for any business owner interested in being either a franchisor or a franchisee, to avoid losses in time and money in both setting up a franchise as a franchisor or buying one as a franchisee.

When Lydia was in her early 20s, she created a range of women’s jewellery and accessories made from freshwater pearls under the brand “LJ Pearls”. With a deep interest in business, Lydia later bought a franchise for a salon business.

Before she settled on that franchise, however, she had great difficulty in getting the right advice on the type of franchise she should buy due to the lack of good franchise consultants. This set her on the road to co-founding Smart Franchise Partner Sdn. Bhd. in 2008. Lydia is also a certified member of the Malaysian Franchise Association and is actively involved in numerous franchise brands in areas of franchise recruitment and public relations.