Poh Yew conducts creativity workshops for corporate leaders, teachers, trainers, parents and students in 14 countries including Singapore, China, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, India, USA, Czech Republic and Taiwan.  She has authored 3 books on mathematical magic concepts, including “Teaching Children Maths The Fun & Magical Way”, and is the founder of “Creative Maths”, an enrichment programme.

Poh Yew uses unorthodox methods to help students learn better and quicker. Her own children followed her methods of learning and have excelled in their studies despite not being the brightest students in their schools initially – but they eventually overtook many of their peers when Poh Yew’s methods kicked in. Her workshops are very interesting and stretch the mind to the fullest in coming up with solutions to problems that may sometimes be solved instantly even when they have remained unsolved for years.

She also teaches teachers how to make their lessons more interesting and engaging to their students, using her own successful methods.