By Jou Yin, Occupational Therapist

There are many persistent myths about losing weight that are, at best, useless to someone trying to lose weight, or, at worst, downright dangerous to his/her health.

Discover what some of them are and finally see some results from your efforts.


Myth No. 1: I Need To Count Calories To Lose Weight

Weight loss and maintenance is supposed to be simple enough.

Calories in = calories out right?

This is very misleading, considering that not all calories are made equal.

For example, how would you compare a handful of candies and sweets against a bowl of fruits and vegetables that contain the equivalent amount of calories?

Which one would be more likely to equip your body to stay in better condition in the long run?

Instead of counting calories, focus on increasing the amount of nutrient-rich foods and reducing foods that are nutrient-bankrupt.

Nutrient-bankrupt foods actually cause your brain to develop cravings and want to eat more, whereas nutrient-rich foods keep hunger at bay, help maintain stable blood sugar levels, minimize cravings, and enable your brain to signal your belly that it’s full.


2. dieting(3)

Myth No. 2: I Need To Cut Down On My Food To Lose Weight

Some people may find some success with this method in the short term, but in the long run it leads to much frustration, resentment, and may result in the body actually gaining weight.

Why is this the case?

Because in order to prevent your body from starving to death, the hypothalamus in your brain goes into “famine” mode when it perceives there is a lack of food for a long period of time.

It absorbs everything that goes in and won’t allow the stores of body fuel (a.k.a. fat) to burn that easily.

Your brain is stressed out trying to keep you alive while you are stressed out because your body just won’t lose the weight!

Give your brain and body a break, say yes to regular meals. Your body will appreciate and reward you!

3. sweating(2)

Myth No. 3: Sweating Helps You Lose Weight

In the most simple terms, physical activity helps burn fat because fat is one of the fuels used to generate energy to move our bodies.

In order to move, the energy from our body fuels is converted to movement energy and heat energy.

The more you move, the more energy you use, hence your body uses up its fuels that way. However, you do NOT necessarily have to sweat in order for your body to use up its fuel stores.

For example, compare 10,000 steps done throughout the day versus 10,000 steps in one round of morning walk. Would you agree that both generate the same amount of body movement?

Pretty much. But which one would be more likely to get you to break into a sweat?

The fuel used to generate 10,000 steps (of movement energy) whether in one go or throughout the day would be pretty much the same.

In fact, there are more benefits to doing 10,000 steps throughout the day (with hardly any sweat) than 10,000 steps (with profuse sweating)!


4. heat wrap(4)

Myth No. 4: Saunas And Heat Wraps Help Me Lose Weight

Sweat from physical activity is not the same as sweat generated by saunas and heat wraps.

Sweat from physical activity is the by-product of heat being generated from an internal source of fuel in your body.

Where does the heat from creams/saunas/wraps come from?

They come from external heat sources.

While they may make us sweat, the heat from outside overwhelms our hypothalamus, making it want to cool our bodies down, but it doesn’t translate into anything in our body being used as an energy source that generates heat.

So gadgets or external sources that make you sweat do NOT necessarily help you burn fat or make your weight loss permanent!


5. diet-pills(3)

Myth No. 5: Slimming Products Will Help Me Lose Weight Effortlessly

Because there are thousands of slimming products out in the market, the only thing I can do to advise people looking into this form of weight loss is to do your homework and exercise discretion.

Unfortunately, most of the general public do not have the expertise to be able to critically evaluate scientific jargon that advertisers throw at us, nor do they have the time or the right guidance to be able to do so.

Probably the best thing I can advise you to do (that is within your capacity) is to evaluate the effects of these substances on your pocket:

1. How long do you have to take these things for?

2. Are you able to put in the financial commitment, or do you have other more important priorities?

3. What happens when you stop taking them? (Will you rebound and have to start taking them again?)

4. What happens when you start taking them – could there be any negative side effects?

In Summary

In a nutshell, based on the misunderstandings about weight loss that you have seen above, typical weight loss strategies focus on the body alone, are driven by fear and quick-fix gimmicks and are not sustainable in the long run.

They could possibly have a drastic negative effect on both health and finances as well!

In my occupational therapy work, I’ve helped clients get results smoothly and easily without much effort with the focus on helping them find a solution that works for them in the long run.

As the saying goes:
“Begin with the end in mind.”

You simply need the right weight loss strategy.

How To Pick An Effective Weight Loss Strategy

1. Think carefully whether it’s something you can take along with you for the rest of your life, or is it only temporary?

2. Is it a process you feel happy and joyful about or is it a tedious torture that you have to grit your teeth in order to get through?


Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.

3. Watch my GR:IN System for Permanent Weight Loss Talk Video and learn about the multiple factors affecting your weight that nobody told you about.

Most weight loss programs target only your body.

My GR:IN System targets 5 factors simultaneously.

When this happens, you will not only increase your chances of losing weight – but the lost weight stays lost!

This is the case because you’re at the weight you are because of the situation you’re in.

Everybody’s situation is different, which is why there cannot be a one-size-fits-all program to help you lose weight.

Once you understand how things are different for everyone, you’ll also start to understand why my GR:IN System for Permanent Weight Loss works in both helping you to lose weight, and keeping it off.

Losing weight and keeping your body at your ideal weight permanently is a life-changing achievement. Find the right system to help you do this and you will never feel miserable ever again.