There are many things you need to think about when you’re in the process of creating a new business around your great idea – ie. a “startup”.

What’s your great idea?

Why is it a great idea?

If you can answer that – how are you going to make your great idea make money for you?

Who will be in the team you’ll be putting together to operate your business for the next few years?

How will you reward them?

And so on.

But those are not the most important questions for a startup.

Because nothing else matters if you don’t have access to the following:


fundingWhen you’re planning a startup, having enough money to start and operate a business for a good number of months is the MOST important thing to have.

Nothing else matters!

Not your great idea.

Not your great team.

Those are important, of course.

Just not the most important.

It’s HOW MUCH money you have to operate your startup RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING!

The amount of money you can get must help you get started and operate until you earn a profit.

As such, generally the bigger your vision for your business, the more money you’ll need.

There are many sources of funding, including government grants and loans.

However, the BEST type of funding isn’t from either of those…

Government grants require a ton of paperwork and can take months to be approved (if you’re approved at all).

Some type of “grants” require you to pay your business expenses first for which you will be “reimbursed” by the grant. That’s hardly a good solution since you may need to spend tens of thousands of dollars at the beginning to set things up.

And other grants only provide a fraction of the money that you need, which really isn’t enough to operate your business for long.

On the other hand, LOANS incur interest that makes running your business more expensive.

They also need to be repaid, which puts unnecessary stress on you.

They’re also not the easiest way to get your money since there would be some requirement of some collateral to secure the loan in case your startup does not do as well as you have planned.

However, there are a few sources of funding that don’t have those disadvantages…

The other types of funding that are available to startups have the following benefits:

  • They don’t attract interest
  • They don’t have to be repaid
  • They’re given to the startup at the beginning
  • They don’t require heavy documentation
  • You can receive hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars
  • Most importantly — they can come in WITHIN WEEKS from the time you asked for them!

In fact, some of our associated startups received the following amounts within a few weeks of seeking the funding that they needed. None of them were government grants or loans:

Project 1: RM143,000.00
Project 2: RM264,000.00
Project 3: RM380,000.00

Project 4: RM480,000.00
Project 5: RM2,700,000.00

The startups are in various industries. So far, they include mobile apps, online businesses, games and agriculture.

As long as you have a proper plan to raise funds for your startup and you get what you need to start operations, you’re poised to tackle the next most important things for your startup.

And so this brings us to another important question that you need to answer…

What are the next most important things you need to know about creating a new startup from scratch to give yourself the highest possible chances of succeeding?

There are a few other things you need to consider.

They will affect how much money you will need and can raise as well.

All of those factors and much more will be covered in our 1-of-a-kind FREE talk on funding and startup essentials, below.

You’ll discover some secrets you’ve never heard of in the startup world, nor covered in any conventions or seminars focusing on startups!

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  • Which funding source is the BEST for startups?
    You can get hundreds of thousands, even millions within weeks, there’s no obligation to repay the funds you get, and you don’t have to write a thesis to get them. There’s a lot to like here!

  • The 3 SIMPLE STEPS for startup founders to take for much higher chances of success that most startups don’t follow
    These 3 simple steps apply to the founders and every single person onboard. If you don’t follow them you’re set up for failure.

  • The 2nd, 3rd and 4th most important things AFTER funding, in that order, that a startup must know to have much higher chances of success
    If you don’t know this, you’ve already failed.

  • The “best” marketing methods a startup can use that give them the best value for their money
    Marketing is probably the single biggest expense for many startups. How do you keep it down to the very minimum and yet be able to reach out to as many of your prospects as possible?

  • What can you do to keep your startup lean in its early stages?
    If your startup is not lean and mean in the beginning, it won’t last very long. But most startups founders have no idea on how to save on their costs without affecting their startups’ operations. If you get this right you’ll again increase your chances of succeeding with your startup significantly.

  • Where do you go to hire quality team members at the lowest costs? 
    Discover the places to find the best talent to work for your startup, at the lowest salaries possible. You could be paying 2/3 less than what your competitors are paying. When you have a cost advantage, you will again increase your chances of succeeding with your startup!

  • And much, much more!


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